Thin Lips, Let's Plump Up Yours

Thin lips happen as we age. You can plump up by just using a few simple makeup tricks.

Men may find a curvaceous body attractive and a definite turn on. But full and luscious lips almost have the same effect.

An average face will appear sexy and attractive. As long as the woman has one of two very important attraction points. Sexy eyes and promising lips.

If you lack an interesting pair of eyes, it can be easily remedied. By wearing fashion contact lenses or attractive eye makeup.

Prepping up lips is, however, different and a bit more challenging.  You can plump up a thin lip in a number of ways.

Emphasize with makeup or using lip volume boosters can also be used. Whichever way you choose to plump up your lips, you will definitely find this article a very helpful guide.

Using Lip Volume Boosters

Some makeup lines boast of lip volume boosters. These boosters come in the form of clear or colored gloss. They contain a substance that can cause controlled topical swelling: spicy oils.

Have you ever seen how a bowl of chili can make your lips plump up after a good serving? Lip volume boosters act much in the same way.

Tip, if you plan to use one of these products to get that full lip look. Make sure your boyfriend or hubby is ready to take the spice of your kiss.

Playing with Lip Liners

If you have lips that are too thin to look attractive, have no fear; you can easily remedy the situation by using a lip liner pencil.

Using your lip liner, draw a lip line that follows the contour of your lip. But with much more space at the bottom and top to make the lip look fuller.

Draw a faint line first. Darken the faint color when you are satisfied with how your pseudo-lips look.  Then color up your new lip with lipstick.

By using a lipstick brush, carefully apply your lipstick inside the lip line you drew. The colored lip will look fuller because of the extra space caused by your wider lip line.

Smack your lips together to even out the color and make your fuller lips look luscious.

A Different Approach to Lipstick Application

Now, you may not want to use lip volume boosters and lip liners.  The right choice of lipstick will often enough do the trick.

Matte lipstick does not often work on thin lips. So as much as possible, stay away from anything that looks dry and flat.

Glossy and creme lipsticks are often good for thin lips. The reflection caused by the shimmer adds to the illusion of volume and fullness.

It will also help if you stick to the lighter shades of pink. Although this will only work best if you have fair skin.

For those who have darker colored skin tones, earth-tones such as brown or red-orange can work very well.

Anything that is glossy and complements your skin tone will never fail you to give that full look.

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