Red Lipstick Has Power

red lipstick is a power color

Red lipstick has power and does not go unnoticed. It grabs your attention and won’t let go, signifying danger or passion and speeding your pulse.

 It’s the color of the blood that keeps us alive. Lucky for us ladies, we can harness all that power in one little tube... of lipstick.

Red Is A Power Color And Grabs Attention

Pouty lips painted red with classic red lipstick are a universal beauty icon.

The most glamorous gals have been rockin’ red lips throughout the ages. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t be counted in that number as well.

However, the quest for the perfect shade can be about as traumatic as a trip to the dentist. So let me give you a few tips to take some of the sting out of finding your best true red lipstick.

Finding Your Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick

While I’m not a huge fan of makeup “rules,” I’m sure you’ve heard before that cool skin tones should wear blue and pink-based shades. And warm skin tones should wear shades with a golden base.

And then you throw in “neutral” tones, which are said to universally flatter (one color that I’ve found fairly universally flattering is MAC’s Russian Red).

It’s hard to gauge all this tone stuff when face to face with an overwhelming display of lipsticks available. Such as red lip gloss, sheer red lipstick, dark red lipstick, and (occasionally) pushy salespeople.

While knowing that a tomato red will probably look better on your olive-skinned girlfriend than on your own rosy complexion is a good jumping-off point. You’re gonna have to test colors out yourself.

How To Choose Red Lipstick

Pick three reds that jump out at you, try them on your hand. Out of those three, pick your favorite, and try another three against it.

Red lipstick can be hard to put on and take off over and over, so do your preliminary testing on your arm before graduating to your lips.

Keep in mind that you can vary a bit away from those true reds, and check out some earthier bricks and yummy cranberry shades. There really are so many options, you cannot go wrong!

You can also ease your way into becoming a red-lipped goddess with a sheer cherry red lip gloss. It’ll plump your lips up and give you a wholesome, fresh-faced look. Or try a hint of red with a rosy lip stain. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to apply that amazing shade

Give Your Red Lips Staying Power

Brighter lip colors are more likely to smear, bleed, or feather, so take precautions.

Some products like Benefit’s DeGroovie and DuWop’s Reverse Lipliner can keep your red in place when applied along and just outside the lip line.

You may also want to prime your lips with a bit of foundation or powder. Keep lips exfoliated and healthy.

There are some delicious lip scrubs out there (think The Scrub), and when not red-ing it, always use an ultra-moisturizing lip balm or chapstick.

Ditch your red lip liner! Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror after lunch and noticing a red line around the outside of your normal lips.

Instead, find a nude color very close to your natural lip color. Line and also fill in with the pencil, as this will give your red something to grab on to.

Give Your Red Color A Long Lasting Boost

After your red lipstick is expertly applied, use a one-ply piece of tissue and hold it over your closed lips, and apply a translucent finishing powder with a fluffy brush.

Then reapply your color from the tube. Use the lip brush that’s been taking up space on your vanity.

You don’t have to pack it in your bag necessarily, but painting on that first application with your lip brush will ensure a more even coverage and greater control.

red lipstick kisses
Now enjoy the power of red lipstick and throw some sexy red lipstick kisses
"During my 40s, I thought I couldn't wear red lipstick. I thought it was just too much and I couldn't do it anymore. I don't know why. But now, I'm going to wear red lipstick for as long as I want." ~ Andie MacDowell

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