Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 40

jamie lee curtis classic pixie haircut
Jamie Lee Curtis Signature Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts for women over 40 are one of the most flattering styles. A short layered pixie can be a fun change. It gives you an edgy and youthful look. It is one of the best ways to wear your hair on the shorter side.

Both Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham have worn Pixie haircuts short term. Or, it can be a classic signature style. Such as that of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis Flattering Pixie Haircut

Jamie Lee Curtis wears a classic pixie flattering hairstyle with a modern flair that is ideal for mature women.

With a short pixie hairstyle like Jamie Lee Curtis’s, you have the advantage of low maintenance, easy to care for look that also offers up the benefits of style while being the ultimate in chic.

Pixies Are Flattering Hairstyles

A pixie flattering hairstyle like Jamie Lee’s is perfect for all hair types and textures as it can be adapted with ease to meet your hair needs.

This cut contains snipped angles throughout the back and sides which provide the tousled look that makes this cut so much fun. There is also some razoring in Jamie Lee’s pixie hairstyle to offer both body and movement.

With something as simple as trims on a regular basis, you can achieve and sustain a pixie hairstyle like Jamie Lee Curtis's.

The fact that Jamie Lee chooses to sport her natural hair color actually adds an abundance of depth and definition to her pixie flattering hairstyle. A large number of mature women are opting not to color their hair these days which makes this look even more easy to take care of.

Style Jamie Lee Curtis's Pixie

Wash your hair with products that are made for your hair type and condition

Use your fingertips to work a dollop of mousse throughout damp hair

Blow your hair dry using your fingers to tousle. Focus on lifting gently at the roots for some volume that will last all-day

Apply a small amount of styling gel to your fingers and pull your hands through your hair, lift at the roots and direct your bangs slightly to the side, work your hair in the direction you want to go.

This is a great place to play around as you can go as messy or uniform as you want

Sharon Stones Pixie Haircut

Sharon Stone Pixie Haircut
Choppy Pixie
Always a trendsetter, Sharon Stone brings the pixie haircut to a whole new level of high hairstyle. Sharon Stone brings new life to an old classic with her edgy pixie hairstyle.

The pixie haircut has been a haircut staple for numerous years; Sharon, however, added her own funky elements to create a fabulous updated look.

As they age, a lot of women decide to cut their locks short. Sharon follows this trend, up to only a certain point. She uses the pixie cut as her base for this hairstyle. And then lets her natural flair for a style that is fun and fabulous to take over.

It is not just older women that sport cropped locks. Women of all ages for many reasons decide to have their tresses clipped. There are many reasons why short locks are a haircut must-have for many.

For starters, women of today always have full plates. And oftentimes, they have to compromise the amount of time that they have to spend fussing with their hair daily.

A good short haircut that flatters your face will add precious minutes to your schedule each day. This choppy, edgy pixie is virtually a wash and wear style.

Sharon Stone Pixie Hair Cut
Layered Pixie
One of the best parts about wearing an edgy pixie cut like Sharon Stone’s?  It is fun and funky. Yet sophisticated and stylish enough to wear anywhere. Sharon’s cut has short, choppy ends around the back as well as the side.

The hair on the top of Sharon’s head is allowed to remain a touch longer than the rest of her locks. This helps greatly to create that funky flair. You can easily wear this style if your tresses are fine to medium.

Sharon Stone’s short and choppy version of the pixie cut will call attention to your features.  A perfect style for those with oval, heart, diamond, square and round facial shapes.

You will not believe how quickly your hair will be to style.  In less than fifteen minutes you can go from drab to fab. and be more than ready to head out the door.

Style Sharon Stone's Pixie

Wash and towel dry your hair.

Apply a small dab of mousse throughout damp hair with your fingers. Make sure to disperse the product evenly throughout.

Use the end of your comb to part your hair to the left. Pull your hair back working from the midpoint of your left eye. With a round brush, blow-dry the back and sides of your hair under.

After your hair is dry, smooth a dollop of gel over the back of your locks with your hands. While scrunching will create a messy look. You can also lift at the roots with the gel as well to achieve height and volume.

Arrange your hair as desired with your fingers and mist with hairspray for hold.

Victoria Beckhams Cute Pixie Cut

Victoria Beckham Pixie Hairstyle
Short Pixie Bangs

Perhaps you best remember Victoria Beckham best from her time as Posh Spice of the pop group the Spice Girls.

Or maybe you are more familiar with her as an author or a fashion designer. But, there is a good chance that you have recently caught sight of her cute and trendy pixie cut!

Victoria Beckham has made the pixie cut her own look. And now, with a little bit of time, you can make it yours!

A New Style

Victoria sported a sleek bob for a long time. But, the new pixie cut is getting her plenty of attention from the photographers.

When you are looking at Victoria Beckham's look, you'll find that there are a few ways to get it for yourself.

First, if you have never gone this short before, rest assured; this is a look that does quite well with a variety of different faces or body types.

While some heavier women believe that they cannot “pull off” a look that is as short as Victoria Beckhams new pixie cut.

The truth is that it can be quite flattering. It often has the effect of lifting your face and making it look a lot brighter. Also, it can lengthen a round face by showing off more of your forehead.

Side View Victoria Beckham Pixie Haircut
Victoria Beckham's Pixie

Make It Your Own

Be bold and see if this is the look that will suit you best! When you go to get this look take a picture of Beckham's bob with your hairstylist.

You will find that this look is quite versatile. And while it is shaped fairly uniformly in the back. The side-swept bangs can be a lot of fun to style on your own.

You can also modify this look a bit. Cut shorter bangs or bangs that fall to your chin for a wonderfully angular look.

In this case, you will find that Beckham's adorable pixie cut can be easily maintained. With a comb. a bit of hair gel and routine maintenance. With the most attention paid to the last part.

Maintaining A Short Pixie

This look appeals to many women. But you may find that after a few weeks, it looks off or a little shaggy.

Think about the fact that most people have hair that grows at a rate of half an inch per month. It doesn't seem so much. Until you realize how much difference half an inch of hair can make to this style. Keep your pixie haircut looking sharp with a trim every six weeks.

You Still Have Styling Options

This pixie cut is one that places a lot of focus on sharp and sleek. Interestingly enough, one thing to avoid when you are going for this is washing your hair too much.

When you wash your hair, you are stripping all of the oils out of it. And leaving it fluffy and flyaway. While this is definitely cute, remember that it is not the look that you are going for here.

Mornings Just Got Easier!

In the morning, you can take your pick between mousse for a more natural look. Or use gel for a sharper appearance.

If you wash your hair, pat it dry rather than rubbing it to prevent frizz and puffiness. Distribute the gel throughout your hair using a wide-toothed comb.

"The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people." ~ Jamie Lee Curtis

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