Growing Out The Hairstyle You Loved Yesterday

tips to grow out your hair
Grow Out Your Hair Gracefully
Growing out the hairstyle you loved yesterday is not going to be as hard as you think. There are great transition hairstyles for growing out short hair.

First of all, growing out hair in stages will take some patience. Growing out a pixie month by month is going to take even more patience.

Hair will grow at approximately ½ inch each month. So, the normal head of hair grows six inches per year.

Emails I  receive often are how to style short hair while growing it out. Or hairstyles for letting your hair grow out.

It can be tough when you are trying to grow your hair out of a style. It is at that in-between stage that can seem so hard to work with. Thankfully however there are tips and tricks on how to style your in-between hair. These can help you get through this time until your hair is the length you want it to be.

Furthermore, the most essential step of this whole process is accepting your hair the way it is - for now. You may be limited with what you can do with your hair when it is at this point, But, there are ways to work around your short hair.

Growing out the short hairstyle you loved yesterday may not be fast. But, here are easy tips you can use in your short hair now. Maybe simple bobby pins or hair clips or perhaps hats and scarves are better. Most always styling tools and products are needed. Or just cheat, get hair extensions.

How To Grow Out Short Hair Gracefully

Since hairstyles for growing out natural hair, permed, or straightened will take time here is what you can do now.

While you should attempt to make the hair you currently have flatter your face, After all, you can not force your hair to grow faster. Look through the many hairstyle pictures galleries on site here. See if you can find hairstyles on models that appear to have hair that is like yours.

By doing this, you can give yourself ideas on different hairstyles that you can try. If ever you have an evening free you can play around with the different hairstyles. Maybe you can come up with a style that you like. Perhaps, a tousled bob?

Here Are 4 Tips For Growing Out The Style You Loved Yesterday 

Hair Accessories To The Rescue

Make use of hair accessories when growing out a style. It does not matter how short your locks are; you can still use accessories such as pins or even headbands.

There are beautiful pins for sale these days that will jazz up your in-between hairstyle. Use Bobby pins to create numerous different looks

Simple Bobby Pins

For example, with a bobby pin, you can pin up the sides of your tresses or in the back. If your locks are short, you can use little bobby pins to pin all of your hair up and away.

Hair Clips  

Clips are also wonderful for older women who want to know how to style in-between hair. Most important, they are gentle on your locks during the growing process.

These clips are available in a range of sizes and colors. The shorter your hair is, the smaller you will want the clip to be.

How To Cover Short Hair With Hats And Scarves

Although there are many different hair accessories on the market, not everyone enjoys using them. So, hats and scarves are your next options.

Perhaps you fall into this category, you may wish to use a hat or a scarf instead. A hat will add something to your wardrobe and is a fabulous accessory.

When using scarves, there are a variety of techniques you can utilize to come up with a range of looks. A hat or scarf will hide your hair while you are growing it out. It is also an ideal choice for times you are running late.  Or just do not have time to style your shorter hair.

Load Your Tool Belt

Almost all hair tools are another great option when you are attempting to grow out of your hair. For example, if you are in the process of growing out layers, a curling iron can be a wonderful tool. Curls do a better job of hiding layers than straight hair does.

You can also make use of hot rollers for the same results. If you are very happy with the curled results, you could always opt to have your tresses permed while you are waiting for them to grow.

Also use a flat iron which works especially, well on medium to short hair. Bear in mind however that a narrow flat iron can cause some hairstyles to become frizzy.

Product Up For Controlling Short Hair

Finally, proper hair products are essential to achieving and maintaining a good hairstyle. This is especially true when your locks are at that troublesome in-between stage.

Frizz, for example, can be effectively controlled. Through the use of gel as soon as you step out of the shower.

A really good deep conditioner can also help you to combat frizz. While in the shower, work the shampoo into your scalp. Do so vigorously for approximately two minutes. As this goes a long way towards promoting your locks to grow.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks for growing out a hairstyle will benefit you. Know how to style that in-between hair will help you make it through this transitional time.

In the end, you will probably find that as long as you have some good hairstyles to work with, that the time until your hair grows will pass quickly.

Just remember, there are no tips for how to grow out short hair fast. Your hair will grow at the rate it wants to. However, you can speed things up and use hair extensions while growing out short hair.
“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

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