Create Fullness With Layers

create fullness in your hair with layers
Layers Softly Add Height To Your Crown Area. No Backcombing Needed.

Create fullness with layers if you to add plenty of volume to your style. Always work with the texture of your hair, not against it. Layers are a necessity to bring out your natural curls and waves.

There are many benefits to adding layers to your hairstyle. For instance, layers can frame the face and provide the basics for feathering hair. Also, layers add dimension to bangs to create fullness.

Always ensure that you have the needed height on the crown of your head to balance your facial shape. This also adds body to your overall style.

When you take the shape of your face into consideration, you’ll find that it’s layers that will camouflage certain areas.  Also, accentuate your best features.

Are you are sporting a one-length bob?  The question isn’t whether or not you should add layers to your bob.  Rather where you will place them.

As we age, hair can thin out in certain areas. Perhaps you have thinner spots at the crown area. Or, your bangs may have started thinning out. Layers can help camouflage the thinning that comes with aging. This is also why choppy hairstyles are so popular with women over 50.

Even many stylists who are cutting one length or chin-length classic bobs will add many layers underneath.  And at the nape of the neck, to encourage the top layers to curl under.  Knowing your facial shape will help ensure that you add layers and create fullness where you need it most.

Layers at the crown of your hair is perfect for those who need to add additional height. Layers will also balance out a narrow chin.

Create Fullness With Layers To Enhance Your Facial Shape

back and side view of over 50 short hair
Fullness And Volume Is Created With Short Layers To The Sides And Back

Those with a heart-shaped, inverted heart or pear-shaped face will benefit from top layers. Also, layers in the bangs will create fullness and allow the bang to sweep softly across the face.

Those with a diamond face can use layers along areas between the eyes and chin to frame the face. And camouflage the wideness of the cheek area.

As well, choppy layers can help add more depth and dimension to a round face. To create more definition and break up the appearance of roundness.

To add width to a face that appears narrow or thin, add longer layers in the back. But keep the front layers approximately chin length. This will balance out the narrowness and create a weighted look.

 A square face can appear more oval by keeping the hair shorter than chin length. Then add plenty of layers to the front of the face and crown of the head.

For those who have curly or wavy hair, layers can prevent the need for using additional chemical treatments.  Discuss your natural hair texture with your stylist.

All you may need is to cut carefully placed layers. For turning your semi waves into a head full of springy curls.

Layers Provide You With Many Benefits

over 50 short layered hair
This Short Layered Style Is Just As Pretty Worn With A Full Bang

Is your hair is easily damaged or prone to breakage? Then layers will help ensure that your hair remains in a healthier state. As frequent trimming will keep all areas of your hair looking its best.

There are many ways to create additional texture and volume with layers. And blow-drying, scrunching, and towel drying is just a few.

First, if you have natural curls, you might want to use a diffuser to protect your curls from becoming frizzy.  Next, choose styling aids that will increase volume and apply them to the roots of your hair.

No matter what type of style you have, always dry the roots of your hair first. As this will give your hair lift and body.

Also, one of the greatest advantages of layers is that they increase the versatility of your style.  You can feather layers back, scrunch them, or blow-dry them under.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your new layered cut and try out a few different styles.

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