Easy Tousled Bob

Emma Thompson wears her tousled Bob hairstyle with casual ease. This is a hairstyle that is ready to go when you are. The styling effort involved is rather minimal. Especially if you have wavy hair.

This easy tousled bob hairstyle that Emma Thompson sports is full of long layers. This prevents the finished look from being frumpy and keeps it light and full of movement.

A Style Perfect For Narrow Face Shapes

Emma’s side part provides width to her narrow face shape. This is a fantastic hair choice for almost hair textures.

The layers in this tousled Bob hairstyle also offer natural waves to be more prominent. As the hair is not weighed down which can pull any form of the curl out.

You can easily dress a tousled Bob hairstyle like Emma Thompson’s up or down. Wear in a casual wash and wear manner such as a layered shag or add more styling steps whenever you want.

Emma Thompson’s easy tousled Bob hairstyle is great for mature women. With its vibrant, light look, it is incredibly youthful as well.

Emma Thompsons Bob Hairstyle
Emma Thompson's Easy Tousled Bob Hairstyle

Style An Easy Tousled Bob

  • Wash your hair with products designed to be beneficial for your hair type
  • Apply a palm-sized amount of styling mousse to damp hair. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb. Next use the edge of the comb working from your forehead back to create a center part
  • Work in a dime-sized amount of styling pomade through your hair with your fingers avoiding your roots
  • Blow-dry with a diffuser to prevent frizz. Use a round brush in small sections. Work downward flipping your ends up very slightly. You can also opt to dry using your fingers to bring out more waves. Bend forward at the waist when drying your crown for volume
  • Once dry, piece your ends slightly with hair wax for definition and direct your bang to the side
  • Backcomb slightly at the crown until you have the amount of lift that you want
  • Mist with a soft hold hair spray. This allows your style to hold without causing it to be weighed down

While not all older women can wear the all-out sexy messy bob, most older woman in her 50's or 60's can go as far as a tousled bob.

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