Covering Dark Circles In 4 Easy Ways

covering dark under eye circles
There Are Better Ways For Covering Your Dark Circles

Covering dark circles is something many women need to do these days. Nothing can be more pestering than having dark circles around your eyes.

This can be a result of lack of sleep. Or, too much stress, excessive crying (perhaps caused by a boyfriend). And poor diet, among others.

No matter how glamorous you look, people just tend to easily notice dark eye circles. They are because they are nearest to the most important attribute you have in your face. Your eyes.

Therefore, learning a few tricks about covering dark circles is vitally important. To keep yourself looking gorgeous and radiant throughout the day.

There are many ways of covering up those dark circles. Of course, nothing beats preventing such circles from forming. So you do not have to worry about concealing them later on. But if it is inevitable.

Here Are 4 Cosmetic Tricks That You Should Learn

The good thing about these tips is you already have these in your makeup kit. If you do not have these, the items can easily be bought from boutiques and pharmacies.

1. Using Standard Concealers

It is a pretty obvious answer. And common sense would tell you that your old friend, the concealer, can work well. From scars, pimples, wrinkles, and YES, dark circles on the eyes.

The trick is to use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. Smooth out the liquid concealer and let it dry.

Next, pat the area with foundation powder. Now proceed with applying makeup as usual. However, concealers may not work well if the area is especially dark.

If that is the case, you might want to use a specialized type of concealer called "Bruise" concealer. See the next section.

2. Special Bruise Concealer

The Special Bruise Concealer is a type of concealer that is green in hue. This concealer works best in concealing skin discolorations.

Those that look bluish, violet, dark brown, or even black. (Sounds like 50 shades of dark circles). The green hue neutralizes the dark color and helps make the skin appear normal.

If you use a bruise concealer for covering dark circles, do not forget to let it dry before applying foundation powder. Never use liquid foundation if you use this type of concealer. As the makeup will tend to look greenish, making you look like Santa's elf.

3 Liquid Foundation

If the dark circles around your eyes are not too dark, you do not need to use concealers to hide the discoloration. Instead of foundation powder. Try using a liquid foundation. Which is better in applying an even skin-tone look all over your face. The new Air Brushed foundations also can be used.

Start with the area below the eyes and work your way around the eyes in small circular motions. If needed, reapply liquid foundation on the area and let it dry properly before proceeding with your makeup. You only need to touch up every 3-4 hours or so, depending on your level of activity.

4. Eye Roll-ons

The newest product in the market that is intended for covering dark circles is the eye roll-on. This works by soothing the area around the eyes with a cool liquid while temporarily concealing the discoloration as it heals.

Covering dark circles with this product is therapeutic. In the sense that it helps cool the eyes and remove the discoloration. And lets you rest assured that nobody else knows about that secret. Which is now, cleverly hidden by your makeup.

"If I looked in the mirror someday and saw no dark circles under my eyes, I would probably look better. I just wouldn't look like me."
Author ~ Sarah Vowell

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