Office Fashion Tips For The Woman Who Is Going To Be The Boss

office fashion tips dress like the boss

Office fashion tips to help you if you are confused. Confused about what to wear to the office. First of all you want to present yourself as a professional. In addition for good or bad, you’re often judged by the way you look and the clothes you wear.

Women can dress appropriately for the office without looking boring. Even if it is not company policy there are unspoken rules. Show a professional executive style even if you are the cute new file clerk.

Take good taste to the office.We all have things for the bedroom or beach. And they should not go to the boardroom.

Although you may be just as capable as the woman wearing the polished Giorgio Armani navy blue suit and the Anne Klein shoes. However if you’re sloppily dressed she may end up getting the promotion. While you’re relegated to the back room.

Wearing The Right Attire For A Professional Look

One way to avoid this problem is to present yourself as the polished professional you are. Impress both your boss and your co-workers. Here are office fashion tips on what you should avoid. And on what you should be doing.

As many women choose to go back to a career after 40 they have to remember things have changed.  Now these office fashion tips will help you avoid what you may have gotten away with throughout the 50s. Or if you are in an old episode of Mad Men.

Today office wear can range from proper business suits for important meetings. To casual Lagenlook layered styles for the office.

All Fabric Matters For The Office

If the dress code says slacks that may not mean in leather or denim. Clothes that glitter or shine are finishes to avoid. Choose your clothes in the best quality fabrics you can afford.

Power suits can be skirt suits or pantsuits. These can be found in a wide range of fabrics. Choose from blends of Wool, Twill, Polyester, Rayon, or Viscose.

A little Spandex will add comfort. Lined pieces hang and drape better. Always have them dry cleaned when needed.

Save the cute prints and patterns for home. Tinkerbell all over your scarf may not make a great first impression.

Although you still can wear the latest trends, just choosing to tone it down a little. Bell sleeves are perfect on a suit or dress. There is a wide wide range of Bell sleeved garments available. Finding something in the proper fabric and print will be no problem.

Logo Wear Or Anything With A Saying

The office is not the place to wear a shirt emblazoned with “Save the Pandas” on it. Although this is a noble cause, its best worn on casual Saturdays at home. Rather than hectic Mondays at work.

It is important to realize if your shirt has words or writing on it, keep it in your casual drawer. That way it will be clean and wrinkle free for the weekend. Although if you really want to show it off to your co-workers, wear it to your next casual office picnic.

Avoid Anything That Shows Your Midriff

Pants and even dress slacks have become so low slung in recent years. When they reveal your tummy and belly button if not worn with an appropriate top.

These are not for the office. Exposing your belly even if it is still sleek and toned isn’t going to win any promotional points at the office.

For this reason if you want to accent your waist and flat tummy, wear a stretch knit top. Then add a sleek pair of pants that cover your skin but still show off your well toned midsection. Of course wear a blazer over this when heading to the boardroom though.

As well exposed undergarments will not get you that promotion. If they do, change where you work. Fast. Even if your office has a Jeans Day keep it simple and classic.

Opt for tailored trousers in a straight leg or skinny stretch pants. Use caution when selecting cropped styles though. Ankle length may be as short as needed for office wear.

Anything That Forced You To Go Braless

In the sixties you may have enjoyed going braless. So much so you continued on to 2018. The office isn’t the place for your unfettered breasts. Nothing looks more unprofessional than an unrestrained pair of breasts.

Maybe flopping around as you move from project to project? At all costs avoid going braless if you’re wearing a form fitting or revealing tops..

As a general rule, if you can’t wear a bra with a top, don’t wear it to work. The same applies to anything backless. If you’re going to wear a backless top, add a jacket or blazer to make it appropriate office fashion.

A tip often overlooked is keeping the cleavage covered. Where you intent is showing off or shock and awe it is not for the work environment.

Fashion designers are guilty from Haute Couture to every day off the rack. Offering plunging necklines and low cut styles.

Although they may have there place. They are definitely not job interviews or promotions in front of the board. If you are over 40, how many times have you put a top back on the rack as it is too low cut.

That Louis Vuitton Suit

Surprisingly the 2008 Academy Awards showed these mistakes. The silk Louis Vuitton suit worn by Emma Stone was gorgeous. But, sadly Emma chose to wear it with nothing underneath that red blazer.

As a result her bare exposed chest is where all eyes were fixated. Was another celebrity boob blooper going to happen?  Emma did check the button and adjust the pink bow at her waist often.

Thus many were not thinking of her Oscar for La La Land in 2007 as she was on stage. I think she was wearing long sparkly earrings.

No Heavy Perfume Or Fragrance At The office

A heavy application of perfume can be distracting to other workers. Not to mention, some people are allergic to the ingredients in perfume.

Do you really want your boss to experience a sneezing attack when you enter the room? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re wearing too much perfume. For this reason, your best perfume choice for the office, is none.

If you insist on fragrance ask your husband or other family member to give their opinion. Before you leave the house.

Shoes For The Office

Even if your job is as much fun as a day on the beach, don’t advertise it by wearing flip flops to work. Or other beach gear. Flip flops are the ultimate casual shoe.

To clarify these are meant to be worn around the house and in the sand. Thus they’re not appropriate office fashion. Plus, they make a distracting, snapping noise when you walk. And one of the major office fashion mistakes.

Maybe you have decorated yours with beads and think they look like designer originals. Resist the temptation. Instead reach for a nice pair of sandals with a low heel on days you’re feeling casual.

Choose quality shoes that are not too high and remember that sheer nude pantyhose can be your legs best friend.

Office Tips For HandBags

If you need both a purse and a briefcase keep them immaculate. Remember your purse is not your briefcase and your briefcase is not your purse.

Everyone has a full view of both when opened. For that reason, keep them as organized and as professional as your desk.

Personal items do not belong in your briefcase. If you have them in your purse buy some small zippered pouches to keep them in.

Only wear a knapsack or backpack if you work at FaceBook or Google. Follow even a casual office dress code with care.

Time To Talk Hemlines

Climbing the Corporate ladder can be a little tricky in a short short skirt. A suit with a knee length or just above the knee length is perfect. A pantsuit can replace this for a change of style.

Office Fashion Tips For Your Finishing Touches


Despite the fact tattoos are quite common these days and are becoming more and more accepted. The fact is appropriate office fashion still not include tattoos. Make sure to cover up your tattoos while for work.

Body Accessories

The same applies for body jewelry and nose rings. Anything that is distracting. Keep it simple when you’re at work.


An armful of bracelets that clang are not a good choice. As is layers and layers of necklaces or chains. One simple gold or silver chain will do. Blinking earrings are best save for office costume parties.

As shown above office fashion has become more casual. But if you’re serious about climbing the career ladder practice a little restraint when you choose your jewelry for the office. Don’t worry. You can still let loose on the weekend.

when the office boss takes a selfie of success
How A Successful Boss Takes A Selfie

Your Office Is Not Sexy, Do Not Oversexualize

In the same fashion wearing inappropriate clothing to the office is distracting, Sexy clothes can give an inaccurate impression of your capabilities.

Short hemlines do not work. V neck sweaters can, just remember they need a shirt or tank under. Create a classic look, not a sexy one.

You have worked hard, do not toss that by discrediting yourself by walking in with provocative written all over you.

Office Fashion Tips On The Personal Side

Never, and I mean never step out of the elevator with wet hair. Come as you are works for Sunday dinner at your moms or for Church. Not the office.

Hairstyles should be modern, but just a little understated. Color is acceptable as are most trendy hairstyles.

Have your hairstyle cut and colored by a professional. Invest in yourself if you expect your company to invest in you.

Makeup should look like you know what you are doing. Less can be more, but few of us look our best with a bare face.

Take a few makeup lessons to see what colors suit you best. As well many makeup counters offer free lessons on how to apply.

What Do Successful Men Check For Office Fashion Tips?

While you do not need to dress like a man, you can steal some of their tips for success. And get away with it.
  • Men follow the dress code that is appropriate for their industry.
  • Successful business men only wear clothes that fit. To reach the top, they consider 1 custom made suit
  • They make sure eyewear must fits correctly and compliments both hair and facial shape.
  • Their shoes are kept in good repair, clean, and polished
  • Executives know color matters, successful men choose rich classic tones. One executive actually checks out rooms for important presentations. He wanted to avoid blending in with the walls and decor.
  • Most know time will tell, they keep their watches is working and the face and strap are clean.
See You On The Top Floor
dressing to climb the corporate ladder
Only Dress For The Office At The Top
Your work capabilities and work ethics will should be what people remember. Not the height of your high heels. Find out what your companies dress code is. Many women make the mistake of not doing this.

And most important, even if it is anything goes, do not go to the job interview dressed that way. Keep work about passion for the job, not fashion.

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